Miles Coverdale (manos74) wrote,
Miles Coverdale

Okay. Last night I caved and watched Tommy Lee Goes To College, for several reasons.

1) House wasn't on.
2) The show was filmed where I used to teach, so I wanted to see if I recognized anyone. (Which turned out to be Fran Kaye, and nobody else.) (And I must say that the silver lining of me being dropped by UNL is the fact that since I was not teaching, there was absolutely no chance whatsoever that Mr. Lee would be in my class.)
3) I admit there was a trainwreck component to it, because I'm always curious to see how low the Board of Regents will go to prostitute the university. (See also: Pepsi, Tom Green, the football team, etc.)

I feel dirty now. The bad kind of dirty.
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