Miles Coverdale (manos74) wrote,
Miles Coverdale

In honor of President's Day, and of Mardi Gras, someone on my flist really should write me some Andrew Jackson / Jean Lafitte slash.

No, seriously.

( could make it a Jackson/Lafitte/Ned Pakenham hatesex OT3. Or if hatesex isn't your bag, maybe hurt/comfort?)

(... and how come no love for the Abe Lincoln / John Wilkes Booth pairing, hm?)
( makes just as much sense as Sephiroth/Cloud! Or Hojo/Vincent! Or Seifer/Squall!)


See, this is the kind of day I'm having so far. Where I hear a Smiths song on the radio going in to work, and it makes me all happy. Seriously, what up with that?
Tags: yeah i got nothin'
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