Miles Coverdale (manos74) wrote,
Miles Coverdale

A clarification

(this is being typed on a Dvorak keyboard, so please kindly excuse any typos. I'm getting about one word a minute out of this.)

Well. Go a week of typing up intellectual stuff and hardly anyone comments; type up a political entry where you call someone a motherfucker and it all hits the fan.

I think, perhaps, I was not entirely clear when I posted my last entry. In my defense, or justification, it was late and I was tired. So, let me clear things up now.

When I said "you motherfuckers" last night, I was referring to the people who wrote the spam. Not to people who supported the war.

Upon reflection, I can see where this misunderstanding came from.

I guess what I was really objecting to was the sentiment at the heart of the spam itself--namely, the idea that anyone who opposed the war in Iraq is disloyal, thinks "we deserved to get bombed," and/or is a traitor. That's why I put in that bit about the either/or fallacy.

There is a difference between "patrotism" and "uncritical support." It's the latter I really object to.

yuuo? I am sorry I offended you with my post. Please understand where I was coming from. But also please understand that I'm apologizing for being insultingly unclear.

I hope this will calm everyone down some.
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