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From AIM--Shakesperean fangirls.

From the IM conversation with kallah earlier:

Me: I'd rather think of making fun of badly written Tonks lesbian porn.
Kallah: *lol* Indeed. And there will be some.
Me: welcome to the internet.
Me: I could just imagine what would happen if teenagers got this passionate over Shakespeare.
Kallah: ....oh my god.
Me: OMG WTF juliet n mercutio r soooooo ment2b!!!!!
Kallah: romeo+tybalt 4eva!
Me: OMG u guyz richard 3rd isn't eval!!!! he'z just misunderstood XDXDLOL
Kallah: ...actually that sounds like real historians.
Me: /m3 cuddleZ much wit my lil ricky-chan lolololol
Kallah: ...okay, that doesn't. OMG like Macbeth is like totally messed-up!
Me: Heh. You've purged all elements of being a teenager from your personality, and it shows. ;-)

My brain frightens me sometimes.
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