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I have returned home safely.

All things considered, it was a pretty good trip, and I got to do a lot of pretty fun things. Yeah, I was all up in the blackout, which sucked, and we had to boil all our water until Wednesday, but whatever. It was nice to be in a real city, and a place with real trees.

Some highlights:

Seeing Pirates of the Caribbean. Arr, matey.

Seeing Mars a bunch of different times (though I do wish I could've had access to a telescope so I could've seen it in more detail).

Going to a Tigers game, which I haven't done since...I can't remember. Certainly long before anyone had ever thought of Comerica Park, I know that much.

Seeing the Second City's show "Woodward to Your Mutha." ("Eat my paczki, Mayor!!")

And finally, having everyone who saw me tell me how good I looked now that I'm all slim and beefcakey.

And now, to relax for a couple days before I start the term back up on Monday.
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