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Taken from an IM conversation with drmm

manos74: *nod*........ anyway, enough being Folken today.
drmm: heheh
drmm: yeah, get rid of that purple tear on your face ;-)
manos74: Folken is a Sad Clown.
drmm: :-)
drmm: Van is an Angsty Clown
drmm: Allen is a Flirty Clown
drmm: *ponders*
manos74: .........Dilandau is a Pyro Clown.
drmm: hehehe
manos74: or the Crying On The Inside Clown.
drmm: or a Totally Insane Clown
manos74: .... which would make the Dragonslayers the Insane Clown Posse?
drmm: possibly ;-)

Ahh, I seldom get straight lines as perfect as that.
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