Miles Coverdale (manos74) wrote,
Miles Coverdale

Grammar Fascism

DEFUSE: A verb that means an attempt to disarm or neutralize an explosive device. Also used colloquially to mean an attempt to calm down a hostile or emotional situation.

DIFFUSE: A verb that means to spread out or to scatter. Can also be used as an adjective. Less commonly, can also be used to mean excessively wordy.

REGIMEN: A systematic procedure, as of diet or therapy. Can also apply to the practice of governmental control.

REGIMENT: A military unit, usually consisting of two to four battalions, commanded by a colonel.

EVER: An adverb; can be used to mean "at all times" or "at any time."

EVERY: An adjective; used to describe each and all members of a defined set without exception.

ALLOT: A verb that means to distribute by portion.

A LOT: Colloquial phrase for "a great deal."

This message brought to you by people not writing with due care and attention to their words.
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