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Ten years ago today, Kurt Cobain killed himself.

So far, this is not a statement to bring about much interest from most people reading this.

And yet... I feel the need to say something. Oh, all the music journalists have had their day, talking about the influence grunge had on music and culture and whatnot else, so I won't add to that.

I didn't know he'd killed himself on the 5th of April. Nobody did. We all knew he'd gone missing, but that was it. I found out a couple days later when I saw something on the news about it. It was pretty big news for a long time, I remember, it was all people could talk about. I remember walking in Ann Arbor a few days afterward and seeing "Kurt Cobain died for you" chalked on the sidewalk. I'm sure lilyblack remembers this, because I was with her when I saw it.

Later that summer, I read an interview with Ted Nugent where he said, apropos of Mr. Cobain, "he gave himself a red haircut and performed the ultimate coward act."

Cowardice. Yeah. Because, you know, anyone who kills himself is a coward. Suicide, you know, is nothing but a way to run away from your problems. Golly. Does it feel good, Ted? I hope it feels good. I hope it feels nice and tasty to live in a world of absolute values, where your own point of view is entirely correct and anything opposing you is by definition wrong. I hope it feels good to be able to sit in comfortable absolute judgment over everyone else.

You can't get into anyone else's head. That is why I will always be sympathetic to anyone who kills himself.

Earlier today I was flipping through the channels, and I saw some rich overproduced production with smoke and lighting effects and dancers and whatnot else. Aaron Carter, it looked like, and some rapper I didn't recognize. And that's when I realized: Kurt Cobain is not a Christ figure, because the Christ figures are victorious in the end.
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