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Pretty Fly (For A Hentai)

So yesterday I was talking with a bunch of people about both Escaflowne and Bible Black, and I mentioned this entry to them. This led to a spirited discussion about who would be whom if someone were to take clips of Escaflowne and use the Bible Black dub for their soundtrack.

So, in an Escaflowne / Bible Black crossover, we'd have:

Professor Kitami = Dilandau (because duh)
Minase = Allen Schezar ("But is this the room of an innocent young girl?")
Imari = Van (because Allen gets all the action, and Van gets... um, a robot.)
Saeki = Hitomi (with the tarot cards and all)
Shiraki = Millerna (because duh)
Ito = Miguel (see above)
Asada = Moleman
Murai = Merle (thank you, drive through)
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