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I'm back from my Kansan excursion, and I had a blast.

As mentioned before, I saw Fahrenheit 9/11 on Friday night. While I'm still thinking it over, my first take is that I liked it. Of course, regular readers will know that the movie's politics mesh with my own pretty well, so I'm not going to spit bile as much as others will.

It seems that this was a mellower movie than some of Moore's others--he's far less directly confrontational in this one as he is in, say, Bowling for Columbine. While he makes good points about the connections between the Bush family and the Saudi royal family, they're very complicated ones--it's hard to say succinctly where these connections lie, and require a lot of background information in order to understand.

That said, I think the movie made some other very good points; namely, the government's/media's cultivation of a constant level of fear, as well as the fact that the people who are fighting to defend the American system are increasingly those who've been screwed over by the system. For the fear thing, it makes absolute sense--it's very easy to control people (particularly people who aren't used to questioning where power comes from and how it's wielded) by saying "Stick with us, do what we tell you, and you'll be okay. Look how unsafe the world is--you need us for your own protection! If you don't stay with us, you'll die."

So, in short, I liked the movie. It probably won't convince anyone who believes that criticism of the government = treason, or anyone who believes that Moore hates America (tangent: You can always tell someone's political views by the way s/he refers to the country that's located between Canada and Mexico--whether s/he refers to it as just "the United States," or as "America"), but hey.

Lawrence is a neat town, and I enjoy spending time there. Though it's odd how the downtown area is far more linear than the downtown area is in Lincoln--everything's pretty much confined to one major street rather than a square area of downtown. But there are some awesome places to eat downtown.

I'll probably post more when I remember more.
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