Miles Coverdale (manos74) wrote,
Miles Coverdale

One more meme!

Stolen from bafleyanne

Your LJ Friend RPG Party by Jennifurret
Obligatory Love Interestwildefan
Macho Guy who is really a softylady_koneko
Mysterious Girl with Hidden Pastarydrall
Annoying Little Kidlfs
The Perfect One that Diescrisi83
Badguy gone Goodbria_neko
The Androgynous Looking Onecyber_monk
Pointless Fanservice Hot Oneloh
Furry Useless Mascotaikoheiwa
And the real villian is...natalieann
Quiz created with MemeGen!

...some of these are very, very amusing. (looks in arydrall's direction) Plus I'm amused at apis_mellifera being the villain (well, she does have some of the accessories for it) and crisi83 as a Mary Sue...
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