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Grading, computer games, student evaluations, and whiskey

Today has been a pretty lazy day. I graded and planned the lesson for tomorrow, and that's about it.

I borrowed Civ3 from L. recently, and I've been getting far more absorbed by it than is probably healthy for me. Though I'm vaguely disappointed that so far, nobody's been able to say to me "Our words are backed by NUCLEAR WEAPONS!" I don't care what you say, that's a great quote for everyday use. That, and "We ignore your feeble threats."

In other news, I get my first portfolios of the semester tomorrow. Whee, that's some crazy fun, that is. L. and I are planning to have a grading party on Thursday to knock down and drag out everything I need to get graded before I get my new batch of portfolios on Friday. Well, busy hands are happy hands, so they say.

Last Friday I got my student evaluations from last semester, and I thought about posting some of the choicer comments here, but I ultimately decided against it. Maybe in the future, if I'm willing to risk a sure one-way ticket to the Place Where The Man With The Horns And The Pointy Stick Conducts His Business.

And finally, I've been listening over and over to Frank Black's "Whiskey In Your Shoes" tonight. Because I'm the musical sort, I provide you with the lyrics under the cut tag.

My friend is speechless,
Will you give him some wine?
He lost his own son
At the drag racing line
Oh please tell us, bartender,
What can he do?
Cry some tears for your water
And pour whiskey in your shoes

Nothing to do about it; first you grab it
Then you lift it then you pour it down
Nothing to do about it; first you grab it
Then you lift it, then you pour it down

Got divorce papers
And we put down the ink
Tonight I won't be having
My usual drink
Hey there, bartender,
Can you make me something new?
Cry some tears for your water,
I'll pour whiskey in your shoes


Hey there bartender,
Can I owe you the cash?
'Cause the end of the world
Well it came in a flash
And I know that tomorrow
I'll have some new excuse
To cry tears for my water
And pour whiskey in my shoes

(Chorus, guitar solo, chorus twice)

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