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So I'm sitting here in the basement of the English department building, in a mac-infested computer lab.

I just got done with my massive grading effort, having knocked down and dragged out sixteen portfolios in a row without pausing for breath. So I think I deserve a bit of a break.

You know, it's great that your Evangelism is so important to you. But you have to learn that making faith-based arguments isn't that effective, because 1) your reader is going to share your faith and will automatically agree with you, and then what's the point of writing it?, or 2) your reader is going to have a different faith, in which case he'll disagree with you and the two of you will just resort to saying "My god says so!" "O yeah? My god says you're going to hell!"

"A holy war is a clash of symbols. No idle worshipping aloud."
--David Gerrold

And I found out what the Christian alternative to "worldly dating" is. As near as I can figure it, it's about treating the opposite sex as siblings, and viewing that relationship in light of your relationship with God and asking yourself constantly "What does God want me to do?" And with absolutely no physical contact--holding hands will make you want to kiss, and kissing will make you want to have sex, and having sex without marriage is the road to death. Of course, you can avoid this all by giving God total responsibility for your life.

The more I read papers written by my Evangelical students, the more I'm convinced that free will is Original Sin.

There's some sort of social function going on in the department today, in about 45 minutes or so. Since I'm stuck here waiting for a bus, I'll probably go to it. Also, someone else I know is having a birthday today, so I'll probably stop by the bar and say hello to him on my way home. Since I'm broke, however, I won't be able to do much in the way of sharing a celebratory drink with him.

And with that, I'm off.
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