Miles Coverdale (manos74) wrote,
Miles Coverdale


My computer has managed to latch itself onto a whole passel of spyware, so I've been spending most of last night and this morning getting rid of it. Cross your fingers for me, y'all, that I've taken care of all of it.

In other computer news, I've FINALLY managed to acquire a video driver that's more advanced than what Windows Update could find for me, so go me. Or something. Let's hope that my computer won't crash nearly so often now. Signs are promising so far--since I've installed it, I haven't yet had the "Frequency out of range" crash-message.

Tomorrow is Anime NebrasKon, which all of you should go to. If you miss it, you'd better be dead. Or in jail. And if you're in jail, break out. I'm going to be there, partly because vertigoxd got me to volunteer to help out and be a panel judge and all that, but mostly so that I can cosplay.

(Jesus said the meek shall inherit the earth--is it not coincidence that meek is but one letter away from geek?)

And finally, on a more serious note, much big props to erin_c_1978, because.... yes. Just, yes.
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