Miles Coverdale (manos74) wrote,
Miles Coverdale

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Now I dead from con

Quick entry. I'll try to write more tomorrow. Hopefully.

But I went to the con and it was way fun and I now have 2 Advent Children posters (one Cloud, one Sephiroth) and an old-school FF7 poster and they are all way teh s3x0r. Oh, plus a Noir t-shirt and another t-shirt from a series I don't know but it's got a giant robot on it.

I'll tell everyone tomorrow about my swag.

(And there was a date auction, in which I was auctioned off; the bio I gave to uncreativity to read said that I was looking for "a cute fangirl to stroke my... ego." My wit, it is so smutty. But more on that tomorrow.)

I go die until tomorrow, kthx.
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