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Anime NebrasKon, the Post-Game Show

So, the con! Yes, it was much much fun. I was a volunteer too, so I got to get in on all the behind-the-scenes action, which was way cool. And I actually did cosplay, as Dryden from Vision of Escaflowne, because there really aren't that many anime characters who look like me. I just threw my costume together from stuff I had around the house (my green trenchcoat, my blue scarf, I found a purple ribbony-thing to put in my hair; I didn't know what else to do for Dryden's stripy-belt thing, so I just used one of my own neckties instead.) (I also decided to bring along my walking stick, and was rewarded by having everyone--most particularly Tony and min_chan and Dragon Kyle--steal it for themselves. I swear, if people aren't trying to steal my hat, they're trying to get their grubby mitts on any other accessory I have. But I love them anyway.)

So after setup, I got pressed into service as the "Viewing Room Tour Guide." This must be explained briefly. First of all, there was another event happening on campus yesterday--some sort of PBS-related presentation about how America fits in with the rest of the world. I must confess that as a shallow otaku, I didn't pay much attention to it. Anyway, it was going on in the union, so the club had to reserve rooms in the College of Business building in order to show anime and AMVs and suchlike. Well, someone had to lead people to and from the union and the business building. And that someone ended up being me. I damn sure got my exercise yesterday, let me tell you.

But it wasn't all running around, playing the Pied Piper to a bunch of teenagers. I got the chance to do some shopping at the dealers' tables (I couldn't, unfortunately, buy myself Pocky because all my money went to buying the Advent Children posters I referenced in my last entry. Oh well. I can get myself Pocky any old time, so nyah.). Also got the chance to play in beccastareyes' BESM game, and I'd forgotten what fun that game is. I miss playing Vincent... [as black feathers go flying by]

And then, the date auction! As close as I can remember, here's the bio I gave to uncreativity to read: "Former faculty co-adviser to the club, he's pretty fly for a hentai! He enjoys sushi and Ping Pong Club anytime! He's looking for a cute fangirl to stroke his... ego! Give it up for: Paul-Kun!" (Cheesy, yes; smutty, yes; but it got a laugh, and that's all what matters.) And... well, we all knew I was cheap, and yesterday just proved it, for the winning bid for me went to alanna82 for $2. Feel free to refer to me as a two-dollar whore from now on, for it is only the truth. Hee. (vertigoxd, the club president, went for over $50, by comparison. But then again, that was the very first auction, and she was wearing black leather. And as mirisa_ardruna explained later, "Damn right we girls get auctioned off for more, we're sexy bitches!") It was a lot of laughs, and brought in quite a bit of money to the club coffers.

After that, the cosplay competition! The first time I'd ever really done that, actually. I wasn't planning to do it, but since there was hardly anyone else signed up to cosplay, I figured I might as well. Though I have to work on my presentation, I must say--I'd originally wanted to make some sort of crack about Dryden getting taken down in the Enron scandal or something, but I couldn't make anything decent out of it. Well, I always knew that making funny stuff up on the fly isn't one of my strong skills. The best presentation went to the guy who was cosplaying as Laguna, who brought up his guitar and sang a very bawdy song, the chorus of which went: "Trousers 'round the ankles / Hiding behind a tree / The naked man you saw last night / I swear, it wasn't me!" (Though I have to say I was rather tickled by one of the lines in yuuo's presentation, in which Celena berated the dumbassed fangirls: "I'm a woman now, not a man! This means I cannot yaoi anymore! And besides, anyone who I could yaoi with is dead now! Who's left?! ...wait, don't answer that.") Best costume went to beccastareyes for her Amelia outfit, and I must say, it did look quite faithful to the original.

And now, for the count of my swag! I got:
--As mentioned before, an Advent Children Sephiroth poster, an Advent Children Cloud poster, and an old-style FF7 promo poster, featuring screenshots from the game and a big fanart-y drawing of Cloud riding a chocobo.
--A Noir t-shirt
--A RahXephon t-shirt
--The second DVD volume of Dangaizer 3 (which I've never heard of, so I have an unexplored anime waiting for me now).

And altogether, I spent only $20 total on all con expenses (well, not counting dinner and a few snacks).

I have to figure out where I can get free photo-hosting around here, because if I do, I can show off the pictures I took.
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