Miles Coverdale (manos74) wrote,
Miles Coverdale

The Spine

So yesterday I bought myself an early birthday present-- the new TMBG album, The Spine.

Overall, I'd say it's about on the same level as Factory Showroom, just below Long Tall Weekend, but definitely better than Mink Car. And the lyrical wordplay on this album is some of the best I've ever seen from the band.

Anyway, as for the songs themselves:

Experimental Film: Good single potential. A solid rocker. Strong Sad made a video to it, which can be found here.

Spine: Linnell is so obviously taking the piss out of Morrissey in this one. I am amused.

Memo to Human Resources: Eh. It hasn't quite grown on me yet.

Wearing a Raincoat: This reminds me of "Hovering Sombrero" in a way I can't quite put my finger on. But the lyrics here are very deft-- "Sleeping is a gateway drug to being awake again."

Prevenge: The guitar in this one sounds like the guitar in Mono Puff's "Poison Flowers."

Thunderbird: The first bar of it has exactly the same tune as the first bar of "James K. Polk." But I really like this one, for the same reasons I like "Till My Head Falls Off." This one would probably whup much ass in concert.

Bastard Wants to Hit Me: It's okay, but the vocal processing is a bit distracting. I don't even know what this processing is called, but it's the same one that Cher did in "Believe." Anyway, this one sounds like what it'd be like if Burt Bacharach was a talking computer.

The World Before Later On: The music's nothing special, but the lyrics are awesome, and I'm going to post them here because they're just that good:
I'm trapped in a world before later on / I'm trapped in a world before later on / Where's my hovercraft? / Where's my jet pack? / Where's the fond of acquired wisdom / That eludes me now? / We're trapped in a world before later on / We're trapped in a world before later on / Where's our tel-ray? / Where's our space face? / Where are all the complications / We won't see around?

Museum of Idiots: The horns in this one remind me of the horns in Ani DiFranco's "Little Plastic Castle." Even though they sound nothing alike.

It's Kickin' In: This one is really good, and has a really catchy hook.

Spines: Interesting. Sounds like Flansburgh is trying to imitate a female R&B group, though I can't tell quite which one.

Au Contraire: Clever and bouncy, with lots of cool name-checks, but in mortal danger of falling into the well of annoyingly twee.

Damn Good Times: So far, this is my favorite track on the album. Very infectious and catchy. The way it slows down at the end and speeds right back up (just like in "Come On Eileen") is particularly evil.

Broke in Two: Kind of reminds me of "Out of Jail," in a way. A breakup song that hides the pain of the lyrics in a poppy tune.

Stalk of Wheat: Cute and silly, with absolutely depressing lyrics. Anyone who likes "Particle Man" will love this one.

I Can't Hide From My Mind: Flansburgh performs the stripped-down Dial-A-Song version of this one in Gigantic: A Tale of Two Johns. This version is longer and more richly arranged--it reminds me of a lounge act. And I like it, but not as much as the faster tracks.

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