Miles Coverdale (manos74) wrote,
Miles Coverdale

Though disappointed, I ought not to be surprised by a right-wing victory in yesterday's election. After all, ever since the first election of Clinton, a central tenet of right-wing thought has been the idea of America (note: I deliberately do not use the words "United States"--those of you who know me well will know why) standing alone against the rest of the world. Standing equally against the secular humanism of Europe as against the infidel hordes of the Middle East. That's what the whole "New World Order" panic was about, that's what the isolationism of folks like Pat Buchanan is about, and that's the real lesson we should have drawn from Oklahoma City. In short, the policies of the United States, both foreign and domestic, have for the last twelve years been increasingly concentrated in the hands of people who honestly and sincerely believe that 1) they have direct and divine knowledge of what is best for America and 2) the more their opinions and policies are criticized, the more it proves the essential truth of those opinions and policies.

Please. Everyone, go to your library as soon as you can--before they all get shut down due to lack of interest, people much more interested in the screaming pissing matches that get euphemized as "public discourse" and "political debate" these days--and read Karl Marx's The Eighteenth Brumiere of Louis Napoleon. The freezing, terrified, "oh shit" sensation you'll feel in your gut immediately after reading it is entirely normal.
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