Miles Coverdale (manos74) wrote,
Miles Coverdale

The problems with homeschooling

I intended to wake up somewhat bright and early today to get a head-start on the various work I have to get done by today. So what happens instead? I end up sleeping until quarter to ten. Bloody hell.

Wanted to update last night, but for obvious reasons, that didn't get done.

Things to do today:
1) Finish grading the two portfolios left from 10:30
2) Finish grading the one late portfolio from 11:30
3) Finish grading reading responses from 10:30
4) Ditto, 11:30
5) Type up portfolio responses from 10:30

Considering how much I had left at this time Tuesday, this ain't nothin'.

In other news, everyone's been linking this article, so I guess I might as well too. I guess homeschooling might be a bit of an answer to the problems described there, but... well, the bookstore I used to work at had a fair number of homeschooling materials and magazines, and I must say I did not get the most favorable impression from them. (Fuck it, it's time to be blunt-- I perceive that most homeschooling materials out there are intended for parents who don't want their kids to go to public schools because otherwise they'll be loaded down with all that Devil-lution and moral relativism and get taught that homosexuality is okay and &c. &c. I'm sure everyone else reading this is intelligent enough to fill in the blanks there.)

As I thought about it while I was typing the above, I began thinking about how maybe the increased popularity of homeschooling is based on a desire for strong bonds in small communities. That we don't want sprawling urban environments, but cosy small towns.

You know you know what I hate more than anything? ("Libertarians!") No, something else. ("Student papers!") No, not that. ("Getting phone calls at 3 in the morning!") N--fuck you, okay? Just fuck you! ("Jedidiah Purdy!") Ahhhh. You are correct, sir. And why do I bring this up? Because homeschooling and cosy small towns and Solid Communal Values are exactly what Mr. Purdy creams his corduroys over the most.

You cannot have Solid Communal Values of the kind Purdy wants without mandated sincerity. And with mandated sincerity, you end up turning into a Hallmarkized version of a Pod Person, secure in your perfect heterosexual life with a minimum of three children, working a Solid Honest Job and spending your spare time either shopping at Wal-Mart and dragging your children with you to run amok (but that's okay because Children Are Precious And That's Why We Vote Pro-Life) or reading Jack Canfield's books (I hear Chicken Soup For The Pro-War Soul is coming out soon) or watching Touched By An Angel (even more so these days ever since you got that email from your brother about how Madalyn Murray O'Hair has returned from the grave to get the show cancelled) and yes I know these are all unfair ad hominem attacks but you know what? I don't give a rancid rat's ass, okay?

So: Homeschooling = Sincerity. Here endeth the lesson.
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