Miles Coverdale (manos74) wrote,
Miles Coverdale

Why I Rock, by Paul (age 30)

So, I've been feeling kind of down the last few days. In an effort to cheer myself up, I'm taking a page from apis_mellifera and posting reasons why I rock.
  • I am smart.

  • I am a good cook who makes a really good quiche Lorraine as well as delightful stews.

  • I am intensely loyal to my friends.

  • I read a lot, and read really quickly.

  • I am, semi-officially, an expert on the Comte du Buffon.

  • I have been told that I have one of the most eclectic tastes in music and books.

  • I play a pretty good rhythm guitar.

  • I have been published.

  • I have been told I'm a pretty good writer.

  • I can write about academic subjects in a remarkably plain-English way.

  • I have made several students passionate about the English language and how to use it.

  • I have a delightfully dry wit.

  • I have been told I have a really nice voice.

Feel free to add additional reasons in the comments.
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