Miles Coverdale (manos74) wrote,
Miles Coverdale

What the hell is wrong with people?!

Here's something I don't get about Evanescence. Actually, it's not about Evanescence, it's about the fans of Evanescence.

Tell me, in what universe, in what slice of reality is it even REMOTELY possible for people to play "My Immortal" at weddings? Because people do. At receptions all over America, that song is getting played, probably even more so than The Chicken Dance.

Okay. Yes. "My Immortal" is a pretty song. It's a haunting song.

Have any of these people ever listened to the lyrics?

"My Immortal" is NOT a love song. It's a fucking breakup song, people. It's not a "I'll hold your hand and love you 'till the end of time" song, it's a "I wish I could forget about you so I could move on with my life" song.

Yes, the person that Amy Lee is singing about is immortal to her. But immortal in the same sense that zombies or vampires are immortals-- in other words, her ex will live forever, because her ex CANNOT BE KILLED.

And people think this is a LOVE song?

I blame the movies. Specifically, I blame Daredevil, wherein Ben Affleck got his freak on with J-Ga to this song.

(Then again, the first time I heard that song, when I saw Daredevil at the cheap theater, I remember thinking two things: 1) "I'm glad Kevin Smith is still working", and 2) "Wow, Sarah MacLachlan is changing her style but good these days.")

Anyway, why are people playing "My Immortal" at weddings? That is thirty-two different flavors of completely fucked up.
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