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Reading kallah's recent entry re: Vision of Escaflowne led my mind to this place, and lord knows that can't be good.

But no matter! So, we find out in a flashback that Hitomi's grandmother got warped over to Gaea, whereupon she met Leon and stole his funky pendant, which she took back to Earth with her and handed down to Hitomi later, right?

Someone who's more of an Escaflowne fan, and who knows the chronology of that part of the series flashback better than I do offhand, answer me this question: Would it have been possible for Leon and Future Grandma Kanzaki to have been lovers--like, physically? If Allen is any indication, the Schezar family has this fundamental problem with keeping it in their damn pants (I suppose aside from Cerena, who doesn't have much choice in the matter, but I'm not touching that subject with a ten-foot cattle prod); maybe the two of them did more than just cuddle together for warmth on those arctic nights...

So, maybe Leon is Hitomi's real grandfather? Which would make her and Allen cousins of a certain degree. (That's me, doing my part to make as many pairings as squicky as possible!)

There is such a fine, fine line between "thinking where plot tangents could lead" and "writing awful fanfic."

As for boring real-life stuff: Another work week survived, YAY. I hope that the people who were out sick this week will be back in by next week, so we don't have to fall behind so much as we did this week.

And I got yet another AMV idea:

Serial Experiments Lain: "The Internet Is For Porn" *skips away merrily*
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