Miles Coverdale (manos74) wrote,
Miles Coverdale

Car update

I finally got my car into the mechanic on Wednesday, and they took a look at it.

There's a rod that runs between the ignition lock itself (aka, the thing you put the key in) and the ignition switch. This rod, in my car, has snapped in half and must be replaced. Simple enough, but they'd have to disassemble the whole steering column to replace it. So, the part itself is only $45, but the whole process to replace it would end up costing arund $200.

I'm thinking this won't be getting fixed for a while. But at least they were nice enough to leave the ignition switch box hanging out the bottom of my steering column, so I could switch it manually and not have to worry about dicking around with the fuses and battery.

In happier news, apis_mellifera made it safely to Lincoln very late on Wednesday night, and we've been having an enjoyable time together ever since. Today, we hung out with drmm and had a very nice lunch at Wasabi, as well as lots of fun at the used bookstore.

We're planning to be out and about the greater Lincoln area tomorrow, so if you see us, please kindly wave hello.
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