Miles Coverdale (manos74) wrote,
Miles Coverdale

God damn you, William Henry Gates the Third. God damn you straight to Hell.

[Background: Back in 1997, I bought a computer, which I used until the autumn of 2000, when I acquired a newer computer. Fair enough. However, there's three years' worth of stuff on that older computer, some of which may be useful and/or interesting. Since bringing it over to the new computer one 1.44 MB disk at a time would take...oh, roughly... UNTIL BLOODY DOOMSDAY, I had the bright idea to link the two computers together through the parallel ports, in order for me to take the files on the older computer and put them on a CD (since the older computer is too lame to have a CD-R or zip drive).
Fine...except, the Direct Cable Connection utility absolutely refuses to work. The inherent Windows troubleshooting utilities are not being any help whatsoever, since they're geared toward DSL-related issues. And searching for solutions online is worse than useless. And I think I may have horked something fundamental in my computer by even attempting this in the first place, but I can't tell yet.]

If anyone knows how to make Microsoft Direct Cable Connection work with a parallel connection, Win 95 as host system, Win 98 as guest system, I'd be grateful.
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