Miles Coverdale (manos74) wrote,
Miles Coverdale

I. You have
1. A lobster
2. A magnet

II. The lobster
1. Has antennae
a. Do not grab

III. Composition
1. Magnet
a. Made of iron
2. Lobster
a. Made of meat

IV. Reiteration of possession
1. You have a lobster
2. You have a magnet

V. Lobster's hunger
1. Sated by rabbit

VI. Rabbit
1. Constructed of steel
a. Lobster's beak

VII. Cautions
1. Do not put lobster on plate
a. Lobster escapes via magnet
b. Lobster jumps up and claws face
c. Lobster bites

VIII. Conclusion
1. Lobster
a. Sticks to magnet
i. Ayayaya
b. Repeat
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