Miles Coverdale (manos74) wrote,
Miles Coverdale

I decided on Sunday that I would break down and buy HBP.

I made a few predictions to drmm on Saturday night. As far as I can remember, they were thus:

1. Dumbledore was going to die in the final book.
2. Hagrid was going to die in HBP, because Dumbledore was too important of a character, same with Ron and Hermione; Draco or Snape dying would've made things too easy for Harry, because at this point in the series, Rowling is probably trying to make things as difficult as possible for Harry. Because, the greater the odds you face, the greater the honor when you win. Hagrid's death would have removed what I had pegged as the big major source of support in Harry's life. All honor to Rowling, she's managed to switch that support from Hagrid to Dumbledore within the course of the book, and in my view, she's pulled it off quite well.
3. McGonagall would take over as headmistress of Hogwarts, because she's quite obviously Dumbledore's second-in-command... and has been since the first chapter of the first book. out of three ain't bad, dammit.

As for the whole Snape-siding-with-the-Death-Eaters thing... well, I don't know. I'd like to agree with apis_mellifera that there'll be a big Snape Redemption plot arc in the final book, but I don't know what my heart's telling me about that yet.

I think all the romantic pairings in the book had at least some part of randomness to them. Because at all of them, I was going "...the hell?" at first. (Though Ginny and Lee Jordan, not so much, because that's from OotP, isn't it?) And it looks like Moaning Myrtle has fallen quite hard for Draco, which just tickles me to no end.

The bits with the Gaunt family proved my point from the last book--namely, that all the pure-blood wizards are dangerously inbred. Get the Malfoys some banjos and pork rinds, stat!

I think in the last book, Harry himself will be revealed to be the final Horcrux.

I snickered at the bitchiness between Professor Trelawney and Firenze.

And I think Luna Lovegood is adorable.

In other book news, I also picked up on Sunday a copy of Airborn by Kenneth Oppel. It's a YA novel, but it looked extremely interesting when I paged through it at the store. From what I can gather, it's set in this alternate Victorian age where instead of ocean liners, they have airships. I must confess, I'm a sucker for both Victorian stuff and giant flying machines. This may explain why I like Miyazaki's stuff so much. Anyway, I'll let you all know how the book is.
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