Miles Coverdale (manos74) wrote,
Miles Coverdale

Have been spending the last few days unpacking, getting settled in, rearranging the apartment, playing Katamari Damacy (which I find about as addictive as the old-school Tetris was when it first came out), etc. etc. Fortunately, the majority of the boxes that are actually in the apartment have been unpacked now--at least, the ones that didn't go directly into the storage unit.

Even though this place is about half the size of the apartment in Lincoln, it's not forever--the lease is up in January and we're figuring on moving into somewhere larger in the complex when the lease is up.

Next week, job searches. Whee.

But tonight is a social night--going up to Philadelphia with some other folks to see John Wesley Harding play at the Tin Angel. This promises to be fun.
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