Miles Coverdale (manos74) wrote,
Miles Coverdale

Because I felt like it... is the correct translation of the opening text of Zero Wing (better known as the bit of mistranslated video game dialogue that gave the world "All your base are belong to us").

A.D. 2101
The war has begun.

Captain: What was that?!
Chief Engineer: It appears someone has planted bombs on board.
Operator: Captain! We have an incoming transmission!
Captain: What? Who?
Operator: I'll put it on the main screen.
Captain: You! You're...
CATS [with sarcasm]: You seem to be preoccupied, gentlemen.
CATS: With the kind cooperation of the Federation forces, CATS has taken all of your bases.
CATS: Your ship, too, will soon meet its end.
Captain: That's... impossible!
CATS: We thank you for your kind cooperation.
CATS: Make the most of these last moments of your lives.
CATS: Ha ha ha ha ha...
Operator: Captain...
Captain: Give the launch order to all ZIG fighters!
Captain: We can only depend on them now.
Captain: Our hope for the future...
Captain: It's in your hands, ZIG fighters!

To be honest, I think I like CATS better in this version.
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