Miles Coverdale (manos74) wrote,
Miles Coverdale

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Let's get something straight here: Nobody is blaming President Bush, or the government, for the fact that the hurricane existed, or the fact that the hurricane did so much damage to New Orleans. Rather, the contention is over the government's, and specifically FEMA's, response to the hurricane.

Saying otherwise is just a strawman.

Natural events are beyond human control. Responses to those events, particularly on the part of the federal agencies who are specifically tasked with responding to those events, are very much within human control. And if the response is ineffective or counterproductive, and if it is funded by public money, and if it is is managed by national authority, then it should be subjected to critical inquiry and close scrutiny, without running around in a circle screaming "OMG PARTISAN POLITICS WTF LIBERAL AGENDA".
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