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As mentioned before, my job leads my mind into strange and unnatural places out of sheer boredom. Lately, this has caused me to make up ribald parody titles for famous books. Yes, I am twelve. Shut up.

First off, there was a book that came out in I think 1989 titled The Book of Sequels, by Henry Beard and Christopher Cerf (former editors of the National Lampoon, and would later write The Official Politically Correct Dictionary, about which more in a future entry). In this book was a page titled "Adult Sequels," which included such parody titles as:

Across the River and Into Therese
And Quiet Flows the Dong
Arse Poetica
As I Lay Diane
The Ass Menagerie
As You Lick It
Beth Comes for the Archbishop
The Bugger's Opera
Captain Fellatio Hornblower
A Christmas in Carol
Cock Without Hands
David Cop A Feel
The Devil and Daniel Webster in Miss Jones
Eat Me in St. Louis
The Enema of the People
Five Little Peckers and How They Grew
Four Saints in Three Unnatural Acts
The Four Whoresmen of the Apocalypse
French the Lieutenant's Woman!
A Handful of Bust
Hedda Gobbler
Her Groin Was My Valley
Inside Daisy Miller
Ivan's Ho'
Lady Windemere's Fanny
Lord Jism
The Lust of the Mohicans
Madame Ovary
Mansfield Pork
The Man Who Came on Dinner
A Member at the Wedding
Memoirs of a Fox-Humping Man
Moaning Becomes Electra
The Naked in the Dead
Of Human Bondage and Discipline
One Day in the Wife of Ivan Denisovich
The Penile Colony
Penis and Adonis
The Pit and the Pudendum
Portrait of the Artist as a Hung Man
Pubic Enemy
The Rise of Silas' Lap
Rub in Some Crisco
The Satanic Nurses
The Shape of Things That Come
The Schlong of Roland
A Tale of Two Clitties
Tales of a Wayside In and Out
Tess Does the D'Urbervilles
The Three Muffketeers
Twat Makes Sammy Run
Uncle Ream Us
The Wife of Bath's Tail

...and so on.

So, because I was dared to last night over Yahoo, here's a list of some of the other naughty parody titles I've thought of.

Cleaves of Ass
Tight-Ass Andronicus (that one's Lisa's)
Cory's Ol' Anus (ditto)
Foucault's Pudendum
The Adventures of Fuckleberry Finn
A Cunt Tickle for Liebowitz
To Say Nothing of the Doggy Style
Fear of Clothing in Las Vegas
Masturbator and Commander
The Right Stiffy
What's Bred in the Boner
Gang-Bang of Brothers
The Wild Blew
Clitty-zen Soldiers
Das Booty
Dildo and Aeneas
The Old Man and the Semen
Cry, the Beloved Cunt
Rump Hole of the Bailey
Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stones
... and the Chamber of Semen
... and the Prisoner of Ass
... and the Gobbler of Fur
... and the Half-Blown Prick
Bang My Bum Slowly
Infinite Jizz
Load Peter
Bust-Man's Honeymoon
The Just Ho Stories
Tropic of Cunt's Her
Up and In in Paris and London
The Road to Wankin' Pier

Feel free to add your own suggestions below. Maturity, who needs it?
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