Miles Coverdale (manos74) wrote,
Miles Coverdale

Dear god, noooooooo!!

Yuffie, Selphie, Rikku
You're the perky girl! You're cute, perky and
easily excited. You wear booty shorts or a
short skirt and chances are you can steal.
You're supposed to bring a sense of carefree
youth to the game. What you really bring is
terrabytes worth of Lolita hentai.

Which Final Fantasy Stereotype are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

...I have no words.

And Barintain-san wants his punctuation back.

I don't want to talk much about my day today, because it was fairly frustrating (though for different reasons than what I talked about in my last entry). And so, I'm turning my brain off, at least until tomorrow morning. But I will say that I'm feeling somewhat better than I was 24 hours ago.
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