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So I figured out my federal taxes today.

I owe money. That's right, Uncle Shrub needs my cash to continue his crusade against the world's evildoers (or at least the ones who own substantial oil reserves).

It's not so much the amount that I owe; it's really not that much, and I'm sure there are others who owe more and are less able to afford it. But it's the principle of the thing. Plus I was counting on a refund so I could save it against the renewal fee for my license plates in July. And so now, my finances are more on the edge--there's not much room for error here.

More to the point, if something unexpected happens--if my car breaks down, or if some other unforseen expense rises--I probably won't be able to pay it much.

Bah. enough of my problems for now. I had some angry venemous rant here about how the government wants even more money than they already took from me and how I don't agree with what they'll use it for (damn it, give me more federally funded homoerotic porn-art!), but what's the point. After all, during the Clinton years, I was all about "don't bash the government, blah blah blah". And that's the topic for another entry that I can't type up until my head's clearer.
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