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A quick update while in a small lull at work.

I finally picked up a copy of Starcraft last week, because most everyone I know who was into online gaming was peer-pressuring me into it. ("Last time, on a Very Special Episode of Travelogue From My Inner Skull...") It's a fun game-- done by the same folks that do Warcraft and Diablo-- and I'm amused that the manual has a thing in the "Multiplayer Game" section that specifically mentions bragging and trash-talking to your opponents online as a benefit of online play. I myself haven't tried to play it online yet, I'm still trying to get through all the single-player missions so far. But I now know the amount of pain and horror encapsulated in the phrase that I once used so blithely, "ZERG RUSH FTW KEKEKEKEKE ^_^". *shiver*

In musical news, I wish I could win the lottery tomorrow so I could afford to buy all the CDs that I want to buy (and damn you, WXPN, for playing the songs and getting me hooked on them! From Livejournal's heart, I stab at thee!). In case anyone's wondering, I want to get the new albums from Gnarls Barkley (I think that's how you spell it), Sparks, K.T. Tunstall, and Bruce Springsteen (SHUT UP IT'S FOLK MUSIC AND HE CAJUNS IT UP SOME). There's probably others I'm not remembering right now too.

Edited to add! I DID forget some albums -- the Raconteurs and the Gillymots. Damn you, faulty memory!

And plus, this seems to be my month for getting songs stuck in my head. So far, I've had running around between my ears "Korobeiniki" (an old Russian folk song, better known to most of you as the song from Tetris-- not only have I been infected with the original vocal version, but also Ozma's hard-rock version of it, and plus I've heard a snippet of a ska version of it that I'm now madly trying to track down, if only I knew who performed it), "Bananaphone" by Raffi (DEAR GOD MAKE IT STOP), "Living in the Sunlight, Loving in the Moonlight" by Tiny Tim (G-MAN IS HAVING A WONDERFUL TIME), "Du Hast" by Rammstein (come on, you know Wagner would be a huge Rammstein fan... which is giving me visions of how Rammstein would do the Ring Cycle and that way lies madness), "Perfume" by Sparks from the above-mentioned album (it's a jazz-rock-chamber-music club groove, that's the best way I can describe it), "Heut' Ist Mein Tag" by Blumchen (it's the same top-40 dance crap we get over here--but since it's sung in German, it's superior!), and the metal/orchestral version of "One-Winged Angel."

And finally, your moment of complete Europop WTF-ness (link leads to embedded video that will HAUNT YOUR NIGHTMARES)
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