Miles Coverdale (manos74) wrote,
Miles Coverdale

Happy Towel Day, everyone!

(Overheard in Paul's brain this morning:)

"...Eternally separated from my love... ... ...put to sleep for an eternity... ... ...forced to have adventures with a hyperactive teenager... ... drawn into a fanboy's twisted imagination... ... ......Is this also my sin?"

"You think YOU got it bad?! I got abducted, had my mind, soul, and body shattered by unholy experiments, my stable of loyal bishounen all got wiped out by some little punk who got a giant robot instead of a MySpace account, and to top it all off, I have to flip a coin every time I go take a leak! My angst, it throbs!"

"Don't be so glum, kupo! Take life as it comes! Have adventures! Go new places, kupo!"

"I think having new adventures is HIGHLY overrated. Getting caught naked on the statue of Hippocrates would have been QUITE enough, but--"

"Hey! That sounds like our bounty! Can you see him, Jet?"

"Trying to, Spike, but the glare from this guy's sequinned brocade is in my eyes..."

"[If memory serves me correctly, this babbling crowd is far unbecoming of a true test of culinary expertise. No masters of cuisine, no kitchen space, not even a single bell pepper to be found! But wait!... Who is this who stands above, seeming to have raided my wardrobe?]"

"We have never been to such a place before. Earth truly is full of strange things."


"Go ahead, Ohta."

"It appears that a tiny green creature is rolling a strange sticky ball around! It's picking up whoever it rolls over!"

*THUD* "...Is this also my sin?"

*THUD* "I hate kids! And critters! And now, sticky balls!!"

*THUD* "I'm a leaf on the wind...or at least a leaf on this giant sticky ball..."


"Fukui-san! The little green creature has crashed the ball into the wall, and dislodged a man, a hyperactive dwarf, and a teenaged girl!"

"Ivan, you idiot, what have you gotten us into THIS time?!"

"Hey, it's not my fault! It wasn't MY idea to tell Captain Thorne to switch on the wormhole warp transducer without connecting the interlocks first! ...Well, hello, young lady, how are you?"

"lolhi!!!11 how u doin XD"

"^$#&#!! Whose idea was it to bring in that #$^!#% bint Rinoa?! Shera, it better not have been you--!"

"I...I'm sorry... I was distracted by this charming mechanic's explanation of how to re-coil a Capissen 38 engine..."

"Awful shiny, ain't it? Hey... if you're interested, I can show you more, back in my cabin..."

"But...but... I thought *I* was going to go back to your cabin with you! What am I supposed to do, watch River? She and the dog seem to be getting quite acquainted."

"Arf! Arf!"

"They come out of the black, yes. It's naughty to peek in the closet. The owls are not what they seem."

"lol omg taht gril iz teh crayzee XDXDXD"

"[If memory serves me correctly, Fukui-san, is that girl not here on your invitation?"]

"Really? I thought she was with you, Ohta."

"Fukui-san! I'm getting a report that it appears she was to be a panelist and--HERE COMES THE GIANT STICKYBALL AGAIN OHSHI--"

"....well, THIS is a pretty mess. Whose elbow is that in my solar plexus?"

"...Indeed, that is also my sin."

"Aw, don't be so sore, Coz. You're just grumpy because you're not squeezed up next to some warm, willing lady like I am... getting awful cozy, isn't it, my dear?"



... ... ... ...Lithium, please. Make it a double. Straight-up, no chaser.

Tags: fandom, wtf, yeah i got nothin'
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