Miles Coverdale (manos74) wrote,
Miles Coverdale

The Movie Of Your Life meme

I decided to do this meme. Here's how it works: Set your iPod to shuffle [well, in my case, iTunes, since I'm not one of the cool iPod-having in crowd] and list the songs that come up for each part of your movie soundtrack.

Opening Credits: "Never Look Back," Nobuo Uematsu

This is the "tense action scene / being chased by a giant robot" music from Final Fantasy 8. So, the movie of my life is apparently going to start off all tense and action-y. ...I can't help but feel the audience is being set up for a massive disappointment.

Waking Up: "The Swimmer," Frank Black and the Catholics

Slow and logy, almost drugged out. ...yeah, that pretty much sums me up in the morning. (Though I think you can interpret this song as a guy evolving into some kind of sea-creature as he swims along...which,if this is the start to my day, to me this just says "bad day ahead.")

Falling in Love: "Museum of Idiots," They Might Be Giants

...this works. This works to an almost creepy extent. (Considering that this song, like most other TMBG love songs, works as both a love song and a breakup song...) ("Chop me up into pieces, if it pleases [...] And every piece of me will say 'I love you'")

Fight scene: "Toddler Hiway," They Might Be Giants


Breaking up: "Bartholemew," Frank Black and the Catholics

I suppose I can see this. Though it seems more like the immediate aftermath of a breakup, rather than a breakup itself. "Was it a girl? / Did I hear you call her softly? / Though this world of lunacy makes me insane". Maybe this is all my friends getting me drunk after the breakup to make me forget.

Getting back together: "Subbacultcha," Pixies

"We did the clubs, what ass / I was hoping to have her in the sack / I was looking handsome / She was looking like an erotic vulture". So... me and the ex run into each other at some gothesque nightclub, and end up re-uniting from a heat-of-the-moment hookup? What, you think this is some kind of movie or something?

Secret Love: "There Is a Light That Never Goes Out," The Smiths

Another song that works almost scarily well. Though I feel the need to point out: My secret a song from the point of view of a kid who's been kicked out of his house for being gay. SHUT UP THAT COULD MEAN ANYTHING. (Although I have to confess that this song was quoted by apis_mellifera to me on our very first date, so I have a fondness for it. Yay for heteronormativity!)

Life's okay: "You Have Killed Me," Morrissey

...I can see this, but only if you concentrate on the music to the TOTAL AND COMPLETE EXCLUSION of the lyrics (well, maybe you can leave in the "As I live and breathe / You have killed me / And there is no point saying this again / But always I forgive you" at the end). Also, I should like the record to reflect that my iTunes is a snarky little bint.

Mental breakdown: "Prevenge," They Might Be Giants

I can totally see this, yes. My mind snaps and I start kicking my Khan-fu on people who are going to do me wrong. Someday. Eventually. They look suspicious! Really!

Driving: "Silence and Motion," Nobuo Uematsu

A grand and sweeping instrumental, full of strange and exotic moods. (This is the music in Final Fantasy 8 when you're in the Mysterious Lost City of Esthar.) Perhaps accompanied by a montage of me in my car, driving, silhouetted against a big cloudless sky in the middle of a vast and empty plain, strange and wonderful things just over the next hill...

Flashback: "I Can't Hide From My Mind," They Might Be Giants

...iTunes, stop creeping me out. Another song that works entirely too well. A flashback that makes me remember uncomfortable but important things, probably about the breakup, I'm guessing.

Partying: "Friends of P.," The Rentals

It's a mid-90's-themed party! Awesome! Put on your Hillfiger and your jacket with the NIN patch, rock the mullet, and sip your gin-n-juice!

Happy dance: "If It Takes All Night," Frank Black and the Catholics

Hm. I wouldn't have thought this to be a good dancing song, but it is upbeat and pretty happy.

Regretting: "The Mercy Seat," Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds

YET ANOTHER song that works creepily well here. I see this as taking place in a scene of jagged light and darkness. Driving could work well with it. Or drunkenness. Or self-injury.

Long night alone: "Heloise," Frank Black and the Catholics

Makes perfect sense, since this is a song based on the story of Abelard and Eloise. Though I should hope that the reason for the long night alone is not because any wang-chopping is involved....

Death scene: "I Hope That I Get Old Before I Die," They Might Be Giants

...I can't add any commentary to this. No, none at all. The song speaks for itself.

End credits: "Hand In Glove," The Smiths

...what this song means for the end credits, your guess is as good as mine.
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