Miles Coverdale (manos74) wrote,
Miles Coverdale


I'm in Virginia right now, just across the river from DC. I need to come down to this area more often, even though it's a transportation nightmare.

Yesterday I critically failed my Save Vs. Temptation To Buy PS2 Games roll, and am now the proud owner of Star Ocean: Until The End Of Time (the snazzy 2-disc set, no less, because I am teh l33t), .hack//Infection (which I notice is from the same folks that did Ghost in the Shell and Evangelion, so I'm hoping this game won't be an endless string of "Here is some mind-fuck, and here is some mind-fuck, a little more mind-fuck, and oh by the way, NO COHERENT ENDING FOR YOU N00B ROFLCOPTER"), and PTO IV.

Still currently resisting the temptation to get into Warcraft. Still pwning all comers in Starcraft.

Time to get ready for lunch now.
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