Miles Coverdale (manos74) wrote,
Miles Coverdale

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The 101st Fighting Keyboardists and their ilk are often fond of shouting "Peace is nice...but FREEDOM is better!"

But if history teaches us anything, it is that in time of war, freedom is impossible. Because in time of war, all citizens are compelled--at first by law, and then by force--to go along with the State and its cause. If citizens wish to have opinions in time of war, the State issues them. And dissent, even in so far as asking questions, is treason. In time of war, treason is punishable by death. And in time of war, the accusation of treason carries its own presumption of guilt.

There is far more to the history of wars than violence done to people and things. The damage wars do to intellect, wit, fine distinctions, irony, and the spirit is far, far worse.
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