Miles Coverdale (manos74) wrote,
Miles Coverdale

Number One Thousand Baby

So, uh, good day, eh [/canadian] and welcome to the one thousandth entry on this journal. I feel like I ought to have some sort of celebratory to-do. Well, perhaps I shall later. Still, I can't believe I've kept my blog around for this long--longer than my old Diaryland site, as a matter of fact.

Unfortunately, I have to mar the special occasion by dumping a not-very-interesting entry on y'all. Such is life.

First off, how sad is it that whenever I hear John Mayer's new single, my first thought isn't, as it should be, "WTF, why is he trying to be Marvin Gaye all of a sudden," but rather "My God! There's no squicky incestuous lyrics this time! How joyful!"

(No disrespect intended to the John Mayer fans reading this, of course.)

And, I only just heard about this: At WorldCon this weekend, Harlan Ellison flagrantly and in public groped Connie Willis.

I have no words.

Fortunately, others have many words, most notably Patrick Nielsen Hayden, who writes about the whole sordid affair in his Livejournal here, and the matter is taken up in more detail in the comments thread, featuring firsthand accounts from readers who were present.

(Best comment so far is from one jmhm, who states: "Oh, dear, Harlan Ellison is being true to his fiery contrarian honesty despite the hatred and stupidity of the lowly politically-correct fans, who are no doubt desperately jealous of his fierce independence and his genius.")

Please, good people, in the unlikely event that I become a world-famous SF author who makes a career more out of being rude and unpleasant and calling it coolness and integrity, rather than by writing, and I go to a con and pull this kind of shit... please, good people, promise me that at least one of you will be waiting in the rafters with a sniper rifle. Do it for the it for the it for me. I thank you.
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