Miles Coverdale (manos74) wrote,
Miles Coverdale

I was never very popular in high school. And now I am proud of this.

Granted, I hated every minute of it when I was actually living it. But I'm proud now.

Why my pride, you may ask?

Because if you're unpopular, you can look back at your yearbook ten years later and not cringe.

If you're unpopular, you didn't have to be up-to-the-minute chic in fashions that whither in the face of time-given irony.

Take me, for example. Look back over all my class pictures, and I guarantee you that you will never see me wearing a mullet. Or Z.Cavaricci slacks. Or a platinum necklace. Or big crispy mall hair. Or a pair of Vans.

Okay, granted, in my 8th-grade portrait, you'll see me with spiked hair. In my defense, it was 1987 and I knew no better. But the rest of them--yes, I looked like a big nerd, but so what? Better than a mullet.
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