Miles Coverdale (manos74) wrote,
Miles Coverdale

Oh, this is some fucking bullshit, right here.

Notice where this announcement was made. Notice when it was made.

This is another step towards LiveJournal becoming MySpace. Pure and simple. Anyone--ANYONE--who says differently is either a mouthbreathing brain-damaged Mongoloid or a fucking SixApart shill.

Oh, oh, you think this is unfair to say? You think this is too harsh?

Let me remind you that the original purpose of LiveJournal was to have a place to journal. TO JOURNAL. Not to become target markets. Not to have "synergy" or whatever fucking corporate buzzword that comes from the pus-addled minds of tie-wearing scum that's hot this week shoved down our throats. Let me also remind you all that the original LiveJournal TOS explicitly fucking guaranteed that paid users would NEVER see ads.

And if that makes you shrug and say "so what," let me just point out that as a LiveJournal user, you are not only giving your money, but you are giving a great deal of personal information to an online source that has proven, time and time again, that it can alter its Terms of Service at will, without forewarning, and without the advice or consent of its users. And if you have a brain, that should fucking terrify you.
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