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So, my mood has improved, and now for some sophisticated nonsense.

I take it alls y'all are familiar with the "in ur stuff, doin things" meme, the All Your Base of 2K6. ("lawl im in ur base killin ur doods")

Because you can take me out of the English department, but you can't take the English department out of me, I decided to apply this meme to prominent socio/literary theorists. Like so:

Laura Mulvey: im in ur film, genderin ur gaze

Roland Barthes: im in ur sign, signifyin ur referent

Michel Foucault: im in ur discourse, analyzin ur power

Karl Marx: im in ur superstructure, effectin ur class war

Sigmund Freud: im in ur penis, discontentin ur civilization

Frantz Fanon: im in ur intellectuals, retellin ur culture

Noam Chomsky: im in ur language, decontextualizin ur grammar

Mikhail Bakhtin: im in ur text, heterogenizin ur voices

Jacques Derrida: im in ur centre, destabilizin ur meanings

Hayden White: im in ur history, recastin ur narratives

Gayatri Spivak: im in ur subaltern, lookin 4 his voice

Homi Bhabha: im in ur identity, attackin ur binaries

Edward Said: im in ur orient, unmaskin ur romanticism

Jacques Lacan: im in ur theory, makin shit up
Tags: academia, literature, yeah i got nothin'
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