Miles Coverdale (manos74) wrote,
Miles Coverdale

Question: Why is it that I not only tolerate but clamor for the obnoxious sarcasm of Dr. House?

Answer: ...Probably because all the other characters on the show are non-snarky (well, they've got their own issues, but who doesn't) and that leavens House somewhat.

I'm also trying to get a connective rant between House (which I love) and NCIS (which I... um... not so much), but for the moment I've got nothing. So for now, I'll just say that I want The Powers That Be at CBS to spin off Pauley Perette and David McCallum into their own show. I'd watch that one for sure.

(I will also say that for me, any dramatic gravitas that Mark Harmon brings to his role in NCIS is immediately destroyed for me by the knowledge that he was also the main character in Summer School.)

So. As you may have guessed, we made it back from Virginia safely, and we had a good visit. (And this time, unlike last time, we did not get lost in the middle of Washington on the drive back-- mostly by virtue of the fact that we avoided driving through Washington in the first place, ha-ha! Admire our cunning!)

During the trip, I did read The Lies of Locke Lamora, and I am happy to report that it is as good as the blogosphere says it is. (Especially if you like charming thieves and con-games.) If you see it in the store and you're unsure, check out the prologue. I think I might re-read it somewhat soon too.

Also during the trip, we watched Click, the Adam Sandler movie that came out earlier this year. (The one where Adam Sandler gets a magical remote control that lets him control his life, via volume, fast forward, etc.) ... Okay. First, I'll say that the movie did have some good bits to it: a couple pretty clever jokes; Henry Winkler and Julie Kavner as the parents (funny); David Hasslehoff (!!!) as the boss (surprisingly funny); Christopher Walken (excellent as always-- and oh what I wouldn't give to see him play a scene against John Malkovich-- hot creepy intensity for the win!); a great cameo voice-over appearance by James Earl Jones.
That being said, however.
At the end, he finds out that he's wasted his life by fast-forwarding through all the good (or at least important) parts -- his life has moved on without him, and as he triest to tell his son not to waste his life like he did, Christopher Walken -- playing the Angel of Death -- comes down and takes him off into the hereafter.
And then, it is revealed that most of the action of the movie was just a dream. A dream.
FUCK YOU ADAM SANDLER FUCK YOU WAY SUPER HARD. I mean, that kind of ending is such a horrible cheat to the audience. The only person who gets away with the "It was only a dream!" is Charles Dickens. Are you Charles Dickens? I don't think so, bubby. Rar.

Still playing FFXII. The limit breaks -- oh, sorry, I mean "Quickenings" -- are just insanely complicated to figure out how to use in the first place. Not only do you have to spend License Points to get them in the first place, but you have to run a slot machine to figure out who gets to even use them in a battle in the first place, and then you have to push exactly the right buttons in about four seconds.
...on the plus side, when you DO get it right, it brings the serious hurt on the bad guys. I'm proud to report that I completely pwned Judge Ghis and his entourage in just about as much time as it took the special animation to run. I don't think they even had the chance to whomp on me at all.

Anyhow, back to work. Rrrgh.
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