Miles Coverdale (manos74) wrote,
Miles Coverdale

Fannish stuff (part 1)

So, I've had a promise outstanding for a while that I would write about House.

Well, since about November or so, the House fansphere has been schisming over David Morse's guest-role as Det. Tritter (for those of you just joining us, Tritter is the cop who came in for a clinic visit, got insulted--up to and including a rectal thermometer left in for rather a long time--by House, who didn't know he was a cop. Tritter offered an opportunity to "apologize"--read: PLZ TO BE MY UKE, HOUSE, KTHX--which House refused to take. And then there were arrests and alpha-male-offs and creepy bad-touch potential and a jolly power-playing good time was had by.... well, not all, as I'll discuss, but certainly by me). Half the fans are loving him, while the other half-- the vocal half with blogs-- see it as a definite sign that the show Has Now Finally Jumped The Shark At Long Last (well, that and the fact that Wilson and House are squabbling instead of having OMG HAWT SEXX0RZ).

As far as I can break it down, the vocal fans hate Tritter because of his "vendetta" against House. And yes, there is something very very personal in the call to the duty of the law that Tritter is carrying out. But let's be honest here--House is breaking the law.

I'm going to repeat this, because it is important, and because few fans seem to acknowledge this:

Vicodin is a DEA-schedule narcotic. This means that you cannot possess it without a valid prescription. Having it without a prescription, or forging a prescription to obtain it for yourself, is a federal crime. And thanks to our illustrious Great War On Drugs, many, many people are doing long hitches at Attica and Leavenworth for doing much less than what House has done so far. Yes, Tritter's investigation of House may have started out as a personal vendetta, and all the little personal barbs that Tritter's thrown at House are making sure that we keep seeing that personal dimension of it. But from what we've seen House doing, Tritter has more than enough evidence to nail House's ass to the wall in court, with the full blessings of the United States Criminal Code.

And everything we have seen Tritter doing--House's arrest, the investigation of the Cottages, the heat put on Wilson, and most recently Tritter's withdrawing the "Plead guilty and spend 2 months in rehab instead of jail time" deal--is in response to House's own actions. Sure, I'll concede that personal element to it that Tritter has. Hell, if this was part of a cop drama, we would be cheering Tritter on because of that personal element--we say "right on!" when we see Lennie Briscoe or Mike Logan or Jethro Gibbs or Andy Bayliss going after a suspect on their off-hours, after all.

The difference, of course, is that this isn't a cop drama, and Tritter isn't the main character. Instead, House has now become The Bad Guy.

I have run out of time, and must leave this for now -- but I will continue this later. Watch this space.
Tags: "serious" business, rambling, television
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