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I've been feeling a bit antisocial, which is why I haven't been on here much. I know I have questions to answer (and to ask, for some of you,) and I promise you, I'm still working on all that. I haven't forgotten, really.

This weekend was a bit of a washout -- spent most of Saturday sittingin the auto shop getting my brakes replaced, so that was boring. And expensive. But hey, it had to be done.

Sunday was the DAS meeting, which was actually really fun -- I got to see Castle of Cagliostro, which I haven't ever seen before (and as a Miyazaki fan, this lack is a bit derelict on my part), plus a couple episodes of Cromartie High School (which I will definitely have to check out more of).

And now, to offset the serious business from my last entry, have a meme. It's another music meme, but this one has a little twist to it:

-Open your iTunes or equivalent thereof, and put the playlist on random mode.
-Put down the first line that DOES NOT contain the title of the first 20 songs, no matter how cheesy, embarrassing or obscure.
-In the comments, give the next consecutive lines of the songs until one containing the song's title has been included (if the given line occurs more than once, assume it is the first occurrence), and then identify the song by title and artist.
-Use of search engines and lyric sites is considered illegal.
-Commenters update their Livejournals with these rules and their song lyrics.

[Skipped song: "Motorway to Roswell," the Pixies. Title does not appear in lyrics.]
1. "The few surviving samurai survey the battlefield..." They Might Be Giants, "Certain People I Could Name," guessed by eiviiaru
2. "Well, I found a road, and off I sped..."
3. "I quick began to speak, as she stood right in front of me..."
[Skipped instrumental: "Symphony No. 9, 4th Movement," Ludwig van Beethoven]
4. "Avalanche or roadblock..." They Might Be Giants, "Snowball In Hell," guessed by eiviiaru
5. "Phantom headlight..."
6. "...I wonder to myself..."
[Skipped instrumental: "Frankenstein," Edgar Winter Group]
7. "High above the mucky-muck..."
8. "I walked across an empty land..."
9. "...Fremd und geheimnisvoll..."
10. "The color of infinity..." They Might Be Giants, "Experimental Film," guessed by eiviiaru
[Skipped song: "The New Clean Song," Crispin Glover. Title does not appear in the lyrics.]
[Skipped instrumental: "Transmissions From Venus," Man...Or Astro-Man?]
11. "Time, if he could travel time..."
12. "I heard there was a secret chord..." Jeff Buckley, "Hallelujah," guessed by mirisa_ardruna (and I would have accepted anyone else who sang it too)
13. "Well, I just can't wait 'till the sun comes up..."
14. "I'm gnawing on the knowlege that I haven't burned..."
[Skipped song: "Informer," by Snow. I don't think there's anybody who knows the lyrics to it.]
15. "People keep on learnin'..."
16. "There'll be no strings to bind your hands..." Juice Newton, "Angel Of the Morning," guessed by eiviiaru
[Skipped song: "Witness," Sarah MacLachlan. Title only appears once, in the first line.]
17. "...Black again?"
18. "Glass of milk..." They Might Be Giants, "Mammal," guessed by eiviiaru
19. "I heard you on the wireless back in '52..." The Buggles, "Video Killed the Radio Star," guessed by eiviiaru
20. "...I've got this girl I wanna [twang!]..."
Tags: daily life, memes
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