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Miles Coverdale

Rrgh. I very very much enjoy House, as I'm sure you've all heard me mention repeatedly. But the fans are driving me batshit. (Tell me, does anyone else have the same problem in any of your fandoms?)

1. First off, and not fan-related at all, way to drop the anti-abortion anvil on our heads, show. Then again, this is Fox ("We Rupert, You Deride"), so I shouldn't be surprised.

2. At the end of the first episode of this season, House suggests a solution to the case that wouldn't work 10 times out of 10, and against the vehement opposition of his colleagues, based on nothing more than his intuition and a wild-assed guess. Cuddy and Wilson both say "House, STFU and go to bed." Well, Cuddy goes ahead and tries House's solution anyhow because she totally wants his Little House and lo and behold, it works! And while Wilson is all like "We can't tell House about this or it'll swell his ego and make him think any silly guess he makes will work," the fans were all like "Yay House! Go House! Boo, Wilson, you suck!"

At the end of Tuesday's episode, Cuddy suggests a solution to the case that wouldn't work 10 times out of 10, and against the vehement opposition of her colleagues, based on nothing more than her intuition and a wild-assed guess. House says "Maternal issues, much?" Well, Cuddy goes ahead and tries her own solution anyhow because occasionally the show wants to make us think that she's, I dunno, a doctor or something, instead of an obstacle to House/Wilson slash and lo and behold, it works! And while House is all like "You took a risk that would've failed at any other time," the fans are all like "Yay House! Go House! Boo, Cuddy, you suck! You let your issues get in the way and almost killed a patient and her baby!"

...Honestly, it's another facet of the disturbing attitudes in fandom, particularly among female fans. And while we're on the subject, I'm going to go out of the spoiler-cut and address any female fans of House that may be cruising by here.


First, having a lot of sex with one single partner does not make anybody a slut. Being upset that Cameron is using Chase for sex is okay. Being annoyed at Cameron for using Chase for sex in order to attempt to make House jealous is okay. Fearing that the situation is going to blow up into SERIOUS DRAMA is okay.
Calling Cameron a slut because she and Chase are having a lot of sex? Not okay.

Second, while there may be a hojillion tons of UST between House, Wilson, Chase, Foreman, or any/all of the above, it is rather unlikely that any of that will be acted upon in the foreseeable future. If it did get acted upon, where could the show go from there? It would be like if people started getting it on in the X manga.
Also, let me explain to you a little bit about the television business. Let's say that House and Wilson ended up in bed together. Before the episode aired, there would be huge amounts of promotional hype around it--so much so that the eventual actuality would seem like a huge letdown. And from the moment of that episode on, House would forever be stuck with the label of That Gay Show. And I think that because of that label, peoples' attitudes toward it would change, subtly. There might be boycotts and such, sure, but perhaps not as many as one would think... but at the same time, House would be That Gay Show, and that's what people would start thinking of it as.

Third, despite what you may have learned in grade school, GIRLS DO NOT HAVE COOTIES. People don't get "contaminated" by touching girls, even if it's naked Bad Touching. House being attracted to Cuddy, or to Cameron, does not necessarily preclude him being attracted to Wilson, nor will it "ruin" House.

...holy crap that got long. Look everybody, you can see the wild teal deer!
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