Miles Coverdale (manos74) wrote,
Miles Coverdale

Man, yesterday night was total weaksauce.

So we got home from work and discovered that the power was out. After playing phone tag with DelMarVa Power, we discovered that there was some kind of car accident (later determined to be someone plowing his car into the transformer box just down the street) and the power was expected to be back on around 8 in the evening.

So we go out to dinner -- no electricity for the stove, after all -- and then to Borders. Because, really, what the hell else were we going to do, aside from sit at home in the dark and shiver?

8:00 comes and goes. Power? Is not there.

Another call to DelMarVa: "We are working on the problem, and expect the power to be back on around 10."

We leave Borders and return home, to find -- really, you'll never be able to guess -- that our power is in another castle was still out.

And remained out until about 1 in the morning.

So that was our night, I hope yours was better.

I've got other things on my mind to write about, of an angry political and morally outraged nature (really, though, what else is new?), but I think I'll leave that for a little later. Right now, I'll just mention that I heard on the radio this morning that in England, they're going to open up a theme park based on Charles Dickens' books. "Dickensland," I think they're calling it. (I can see the slogans now: "It's as fun as the Dickens, ha ha!")

They mentioned that the park would be a cobbled square lined with crooked buildings, in which "rat-catchers" would prowl around and (presumably) entertain guests with amusing Victorian London antics. They also mentioned that there would be a playland for children called "Fagin's Den," which... yeah. I do wonder what other amusements they could come up with -- a roller coaster called "Sidney Carton's Guillotine"? "Madam DeFarge's Shooting Gallery"? Stalls to play Beggar-My-Neighbor and get insulted by Estella whilst doing so? Enter -- if you dare! -- Miss Havisham's Bridal Chamber Of Horrors? Walk with Lizzie Hexam and pluck lost valuables, and dead bodies, from the shores of the Thames? Sit in Mr. Gradgrind's classroom? Risk black lung and exciting industrial mutilation at Mr. Bounderby's Coketown Mill?

Speaking as an English major, I can only say: HAHAHAHAHA WHAT
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