Miles Coverdale (manos74) wrote,
Miles Coverdale

Dear World:

It's Monday. Being vertical is about the best I can manage at the moment. Higher functions will take a little longer. Thank you for your understanding.

In other news, today I hear is International Pixel-Stained Technopeasant Wretch day. Alas, I have no work to give away for free on the internet. I will therefore restrict myself to pointing and laughing at Howard V. Hendrix. Perhaps I will even call him viciously puerile names too, who knows? The day is young.

(Maybe Howard Hendrix and Jack Thompson can retire together to Hendrix' bucolic farm, spending their mornings chopping wood and their afternoons lounging about in a boat on the lake like in some Merchant-Ivory film. But that leads to Jack Thompson saying "I wish I could quit you!!" and that way lies madness.)

Saw John Wesley Harding last night, and I have to say, he just keeps getting better every show I see him at. (For those of you who haven't discovered him yet, I have to say, if you like folky-rocky stuff with really clever lyrics, I highly recommend him to you.) He's got a new album coming out I think early next year, and he played several tracks from it. And if the rest of the songs on the album are half as good as the ones he played, I would gladly pay twice the price for it. ("Top of the Bottom" and "My Favorite Angel" are so far my favorites.)

And at the end of the show? He played "Stairway To Heaven" -- in the style of Rolf Harris. Which was made of solid win, with a plating of awesome.

(During the show, he also mentioned that you can make any song so much more rock and roll simply by adding the word "Tonight!" at the end of the title.)
(...I don't know if that'd quite work with "Aqualung," though.)
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