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I don't feel quite like going off on a political rant at the moment (at least not the way I wanted to yesterday), so instead... have a newfangled song meme.

The rules are simple: Simply answer the questions below. The questions come from the lyrics of a variety of songs; the same lyrics also contain the answer. Leave your answers in the comments; I'll mark the ones that have been guessed.

1. When I fought at the Little Big Horn, what did I see? (Phil Ochs)

2. What will Siam be witness to? (Murray Head)

Siam is gonna be the witness / To the ultimate test of cerebral fitness...
--"One Night In Bangkok". Answered correctly by kallah and puzzld1.

3. I have forty acres, as well as a mule; what else do I have? (Guadalcanal Diary)

4. Who have I got a crush on? (They Might Be Giants)

I got a crush / Copy shop clerk / But she won't look up at me...
--"Sleeping In The Flowers". Answered correctly by eiviiaru.

5. Who does the guy on the leash look like? (John Wesley Harding)
6. What shall we do when the drinking's done? (Captain Tractor)
7. What are you going to see your Sheba do? (Kander & Ebb)

8. What did my dad say when I told him I was thinking about the Army? (Ben Folds Five)

Well I thought about the Army / Dad said "Son, you're fucking high"...
--"Army". Answered correctly by eiviiaru.

9. What's my brother going to show us any minute now? (Oysterband)

10. What did I say when she told me that her dad was loaded? (Pulp)

She told me that her dad was loaded / I said "In that case, I'll have a rum and Coca-Cola"...
--"Common People". Answered correctly by eiviiaru

Special all-80's edition!

1. Who is my boss at the five-and-dime? (Prince)

I'm working part-time at the five-and-dime / My boss is Mr. Magee...
--"Raspberry Beret". Answered correctly by puzzld1.

2. When do I like to kiss you? (The Vapors)

I like to kiss you when there's no one else around...
--"Turning Japanese". Answered correctly by bafleyanne.

3. Why don't you follow fashion? (Adam Ant)

4. What did somebody see under the dock? (The B-52's)

Somebody went under the dock / And there they saw a rock / But it wasn't a rock / It was a rock LOBSTER!
--"Rock Lobster". Answered correctly by puzzld1 and kerinda.

5. What side do you pass the dutchie to? (Musical Youth)

As I passed the dreadlocks' camp, I heard them say / (How does it feel when you got no food?) / Pass the dutchie on the left-hand side...
--"Pass The Dutchie". Answered correctly by puzzld1.

6. Where are we headed? (Europe)

We're headed for Venus / And still we stand tall...
--"The Final Countdown". Answered correctly by bafleyanne.

7. How does Major Tom relax in the capsule? (Peter Schilling)
8. What was all I wanted from my mom? (Suicidal Tendencies)

9. Why do I try so hard not to get upset? (Till Tuesday)

I try so hard not to get upset / 'Cause I know all the trouble I'll get...
--"Voices Carry". Answered correctly by puzzld1.

10. Who is Mr. Roboto? (Styx)

So no one else can see / My true identity: / I'm KILROY! / KILROY! / KILROY! / KILROY!
--"Mr. Roboto". Answered correctly by kallah and puzzld1.

And for the younger crowd, try the all-90's edition!

1. Who could save me when the world was on fire? (Chris Isaak)

The world was on fire, and no one could save me but you...
--"Wicked Game". Answered correctly by puzzld1

2. Why am I so happy? (Nirvana)

I'm so happy / 'Cause today I found my friends / They're in my head...
--"Lithium". Answered correctly by buzz.

3. Who does Mr. Jones strike up a conversation with? (Counting Crows)

Staring at this yellow-haired girl / Mr. Jones strikes up a conversation / With a black-haired flamenco dancer...
--"Mr. Jones". Answered correctly by puzzld1 and kerinda.

4. Where do you get me? (Nine Inch Nails)

My whole existence is flawed / You get me closer to God...
--"Closer". Answered correctly by iliadawry.

5. Why have I been a bad, bad girl? (Fiona Apple)

I've been a bad, bad girl / I've been careless with a delicate man...
--"Criminal". Answered correctly by puzzld1.

6. What do I like early in the morning? (Sheryl Crow)

I like a good beer buzz early in the morning / And Billy likes to peel the labels from his bottles of Bud...
--"All I Wanna Do". Answered correctly by kerinda and puzzld1.

7. What do I want, really really want? (Spice Girls)

I'll tell you what I want, what I really really want / I wanna, ha / I wanna, ha / I wanna, ha / I wanna, ha / I wanna really really really wanna zig-a-zig-ahh...
--"Wannabe". Answered correctly by pudgy_neko.

8. What do I hear the voices in my head doing? (Harvey Danger)

Hear the voices in my head / I swear to God, it sounds like they're snoring...
--"Flagpole Sitta". Answered correctly by buzz.

9. What am I doing in the corner? (R.E.M.)

That's me in the corner / That's me in the spotlight / Losing my religion / Trying to keep a view...
--"Losing My Religion". Answered correctly by buzz, puzzld1, and kerinda

10. What would I put in the tree fort I built? (Barenaked Ladies)

If I had a million dollars / I'd build a tree fort in our yard / If I had a million dollars / You could help, it wouldn't be that hard / If I had a million dollars / Maybe we could put a little tiny fridge in there somewhere...
--"If I had $1000000". Answered correctly by buzz, kerinda, and puzzld1.

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