Miles Coverdale (manos74) wrote,
Miles Coverdale

This isn't the rant I foreshadowed last time, but hopefully it'll give me a way to come at said rant sort of obliquely at a later date.

Thinking of the Oklahoma City anniversary a few weeks back, and ruminating on how things have changed between then and now. I suppose I shouldn't be surprised that things have changed so much in twelve years, but there you are.

For conservatives, the fear back then was that the UN would take over the world and their black helicopters would descend by the thousands on Middle America, coming to take away our guns and put all the white Christian men into big re-education camps to "cure" us and force us against our will to accept women, minorities, homosexuals, and so on. To turn Red-Blooded American Men into castrated P.C. Euro-weaklings, in short.

[Tangent: I know it's popular to look down on Freud and pitch his theories loftily into the historical trash-can with great pomp and fanfare. However, I submit to you that it is impossible to understand American conservative politics fully within the last thirty years unless you have a very intimate understanding of Freud. There is more to Freud than just penises and cocaine. More on this later, maybe.]

Nowadays, we actually do have mass detention camps--most of which, we don't even know where the fuck they are--and "extraordinary rendition" to ensure that anybody the government doesn't like can be, quite simply, disappeared. Just the way it was under Franco, or Peron, or Pinochet, or any of the Commie-Nazi regimes that always seem to get brought out on the Internet whenever there are discussions about, say, gun control or traffic laws.

And where are the valiant guardians of liberty? Where are the well-regulated and heavily armed militias that were issuing calls to arms against the New World Order? Where are those who, in 1995, pledged to selflessly shed their blood in defense of our Constitutional freedoms, to sacrifice themselves to destroy the Great Tyranny Of The Government Of The United States?

Why, they're having themselves a nice little safari down along the Mexican border, standing valiantly against the government's attempt to crush the freedom of Americans by... not killing immigrants on sight, apparently.

They've kindly taken it upon themselves to correct that oversight.
Tags: politics
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