Miles Coverdale (manos74) wrote,
Miles Coverdale

Well, I do believe I owe embossedsilver some meme answers. Thus!

Comment here and I will pick 3 interests of yours listed on your user-info and three icons of yours. Make a post explaining them and asking others to comment for their own. Also if there are interests and icons of mine you want explaining comment as well here with them.

Byerly Vorrutyer: Wilde... in... SPAAAAAAACE! But seriously. Byerly Vorrutyer is a minor character in Lois McMaster Bujold's book A Civil Campaign, which is a Regency-style romantic comedy with a science-fiction twist. (See, for example, how Bujold handles the stock situation of "girl dresses up as boy for plot-related reasons; wacky hijinks ensue.") Byerly himself is a low-level aristocrat, charming, well-dressed, most likely gayer than Fire Island, well-acquainted with all the principals, but for the most quite happy to observe from the periphery and make sarcastically witty quips at the expense of others. (In one scene, one of the upper-class twits is discussing the main character's stealth courtship of the off-world heroine, and says "Well, that leaves one more domestic girl for the rest of us!" Byerly's responds, "Well, it leaves one more domestic girl for one of us... unless you are proposing something delightfully outre.") He gets some of the best lines in the book, and ends up being surprisingly integral to the plot (see above, re: cross-dressing, but I shan't spoil it for you).

Liberty Meadows: Hilariously raucous comic book created by Frank Cho, centering around Frank (a nerdy vet), Brandy (a voluptously smokin'-hot vet; her and Frank are quite attracted to each other, but neither have the courage to make any overt moves), and the anthropomorphic animals at the sanctuary they work at. (Chief among them: Ralph, a midget circus bear with a head full of harebrained schemes; Leslie, a hypochondriac bullfrog; and Dean, a (literal) male chauvinist pig.) Chaotic action, lots of sight gags, and a huge amount of cultural references, both highbrow (e.g., strips that deliberately parody The Death Of Marat or Liberty Leading The People) and low ("Manicure: $50. Engineer boots: $175. Two women cat-fighting in a family newspaper: Priceless."). Cho had taken a hiatus from working for the last couple of years, but I think--hopefully--he's back on it.

Terry Pratchett: British fantasy author, most known for his Discworld series (which are set on a flat world carried on the back of a giant turtle). Very much in the style of Douglas Adams, though I find Pratchett's humor is usually a touch more broad than Adams'. Nothing wrong with that, though. One of the things he enjoys doing most is taking the conventions of fantasy or fairy-tales, giving them a good shake, and seeing what comes loose. (He's also very fond of giving humorous asides in footnotes; one of them, from the book Men At Arms, is solidly in my Top Five Favorite Lines, and goes thus: "Fingers-Mazda, the first thief, stole the secret of fire from the gods. He couldn't fence it, however. It was too hot.* (*He really got burned on that deal.)")
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